The Software Engineering Job Market with Hiten Parmar

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“Even Larry at Google has said that if he could hire 100,000 more people, he would – he just can’t find them.”

In many ways the engineering job market is broken. Engineers cannot find the right jobs where they are valued properly and enjoy their work. Employers have difficulty filling their positions and finding the right people that fit their cultures. Traditional matchmakers like Monster and generic recruiting agencies don’t cut it — you know this by the generic LinkedIn messages you get looking for a Java expert… when you have JavaScript as a skill on your profile. is trying to fix this broken process by using a high-touch approach to recruiting. Hiten Parmar, an engineer and product strategist at Hired joins us today to discuss the issues at hand, as well as how Hired is approaching the solution. We chat about the challenges facing engineers, which skills are in demand, and the inner workings of Hired. Full disclosure: Hired is a sponsor of the show, but we would still have done this interview because we genuinely want to discuss the job market, and figure out how companies are addressing this issue.


  • In what ways are the hiring processes broken for engineers?
  • What are the engineering skills in highest demand right now?
  • How do you train Hired talent advocates to understand the subtleties of different engineering fields?
  • What is the engineering stack behind Hired?
  • What are the steps people can take to more easily make a lateral career shift?
  • How does geography influence the labor market for engineers?
  • What are the keys to make a tech acquisition go smoothly?
  • What is something absurd or surprising you’ve learned about the recruiting landscape?


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