Data Visualization and Mapping with Aurelia Moser


“I’m always worried that if you teach too much magic, people don’t learn the basics – they don’t know why something is working, they just know the documentation said it should work that way.”

On Software Engineering Daily, we often discuss big data in terms of data engineering and data science. Data engineering is the infrastructure and pipelines that handle massive amounts of data and puts that data in a data lake. With a data infrastructure in place, a data scientist can study the data and take action on it. A data scientist can also create visualizations–which is the subject of today’s episode.

Aurelia Moser has a specialty in mapping and data visualization. We discussed how to create effective visualizations of our data, and the tools that can be used to collect and present our data. Whether you work at the New York Times or a small tech company, data visualizations are important, because visualizations can be used to communicate important trends across an organization. Aurelia will also be speaking at the upcoming Strata + Hadoop World Conference in San Jose. We’re partnering with O’Reilly to support this conference – if you want to go to Strata, you can save 20% off a ticket with our code PCSED.


  • What is going on at the intersection of journalism and technology?
  • How do news organizations organize their data science and engineering teams?
  • What is an example where mapping provided a useful visualization for your data?
  • Do the front end visualization tools have any problem keeping up with the volume of data?
  • What are you doing as part of Girl Develop It?
  • What would you like to see light shined on in the journalism covering women in tech?


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