React.js Conf with Brent Vatne

react conf


“With React, it’s so much easier to create a mental model of what’s going on in your application.”

React is a set of technologies started by Facebook and open-sourced in 2013. Since then, it has become widely accepted as the best JavaScript library for building user-interfaces. A dedicated community around React has developed as well, and with any large software community, conferences are a necessity.

React.js Conf is a yearly conference in San Francisco where React developers talk about the latest developments in the React ecosystem. React started with user interfaces, but has evolved to be so much more. From data flow patterns like Redux, to hardware libraries and virtual reality–React is no longer just a JavaScript library; it is a philosophy for how to build futuristic technologies today. Brent and Jeff discuss all of this, as well as Exponent, a web development platform for building native mobile apps with JavaScript – using React Native.

Brent Vatne is the organizer of React.js Conf and a software engineer at Exponent.


  • Why did you get involved with the React community?
  • How do you use React in a wedding gift without being a bad friend?
  • What is React hardware?
  • What’s going on at the intersection of React and VR?
  • How do you feel about app stores?
  • What aspects of react don’t get talked about as much as they should?


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