Reactive Programming with Matthew Podwysocki

reactive programming


“The model-view-intent architecture is really cool and innovative – it’s basically combining the technologies of observables with the virtual DOM, and you’ve got this whole new paradigm of thinking.”

Reactive programming emphasizes writing code that is readily responsive to events. It is an increasingly popular paradigm with highly interactive websites like Netflix. It draws on the value of functional programming calls like map, reduce, and flatmap.

Matt joins us today to chat about reactive programming, the observer pattern, and his thoughts on where the future is going. If you are a fan of functional programming or JavaScript, you will enjoy this show. Matt is also speaking at the 2016 O’Reilly Fluent Conference. If you want to win a free ticket to the conference, tweet about your favorite episode of Software Engineering Daily and tag @fluentconf and @software_daily.

Matt Podwysocki is the author ReactiveX JS and a software engineer at Microsoft.


  • What’s wrong with the approach of using callbacks and events to solve problems in JavaScript?
  • What is reactive programming?
  • What types of asynchrony problems does Netflix have to deal with?
  • How can we broadly think about the challenges asynchronous applications face?
  • Why can we think of events as collections?
  • In what ways has the observer pattern been implemented incorrectly in the past?
  • What is it like to participate in an open source project with so many big, influential players?
  • What’s the future of ReactiveX?


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