npm with Laurie Voss


“Node doesn’t have dependency hell – JavaScript absolutely does.”

Node.js powers an increasing number of applications in the modern web. As node’s popularity grew, npm evolved in parallel as its default package manager and it has become a robust system for sharing and developing node programs. Yet today, npm is growing beyond its roots, and poised to become a generalized framework for all kinds of workflows within web development.

Laurie will be giving a talk at the 2016 O’Reilly Fluent Conference. If you want to win a free ticket to the conference, tweet about your favorite episode of Software Engineering Daily and tag @fluentconf and @software_daily.

Laurie Voss is the CTO of npm, Inc.


  • What is special about node and npm?
  • Was the vision from the beginning for npm to evolve into more than a package manager?
  • What is useful for a developer to know about semantic versioning?
  • What is a JavaScript runtime, and why would you consider Node to be a runtime?
  • Why does JavaScript need a package manager?
  • What does the company npm do?
  • Where do you see web development going in the future?


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