Containers and PaaS with Steve Pousty

containers and PaaS


“Does the real world match the truth? If not, make the world match the truth.”

You keep hearing about containers, and maybe you have even used Docker in production. Now, it’s time to move beyond Docker. In today’s episode of Software Engineering Daily, Steve Pousty talks about OpenShift, a platform from RedHat that helps engineers leverage the power of containers and the dev ops harmony of microservices.

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Steve Pousty is a Developer Advocate (and PaaS Dust Spreader) at Red Hat.


  • What drives the difference in perspective between dev and ops?
  • What is OpenShift and how does it compare to other Paas products?
  • Why is Docker useful for a platform as a service like OpenShift?
  • Why would I use Openshift to build my microservices architecture?
  • What are some best practices for dev and ops to manage their working relationship?
  • How does testing fit into the relationship between developers and operations?
  • What is the future of the platform as a service?


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