Developer Tea with Jonathan Cutrell

developer tea


“Our field moves so quickly that learning is kind of a fundamental skill – not every field is that way.”

Software engineering combines art, science, and philosophy. On the Developer Tea podcast, Jonathan Cutrell explores how engineers can improve their technical ability as well as their interpersonal skills and mental clarity. On this episode of Software Engineering Daily, Jeff and Jonathan about focus, career development, and software podcasting.

Jonathan Cutrell is the founder and host of Developer Tea. He is also the Director of Technology at Whiteboard.


  • What are the most crucial soft skills that engineers should focus on improving?
  • Is trying to multithread our physical tasks a mistake?
  • How should people think about splitting their time between a full-time job and side projects?
  • How can engineers learn to learn more effectively?
  • What are the topics your listeners have wanted to hear about the most?
  • What are your plans for the future of Developer Tea?


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