Data Science with Srini Kadamati


“I really think that data science is like design in the sense that it’s a way of thinking.”

Data science has emerged as an integral discipline alongside software engineering. In this episode, Jeff and Srini discuss the rise of the field, what it means to be a data scientist, and how the field will evolve as more businesses adopt data driven decision making. Srini also explains his thoughts on the essential qualities of a data scientist, and how educating data scientists is a growing challenge in a world that is flooded with “big data”.

Srini Kadamati is a data scientist at Dataquest, where he creates content to help people learn data science.


  • How big is the market for people that want to learn data science?
  • What is the minimum viable set of technologies that a data scientist needs to know?
  • Will we see more stratification in the roles like data scientist and data engineer?
  • What are the absolutely essential things software engineers should know about data science?
  • What are the things you find in common when you’re talking with different data scientists in industry?
  • How has being part of the Software Engineering Daily community helped you?


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