Soylent Engineering with John Coogan

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“We saw a really great opportunity to build a food company that takes technology seriously from the ground up, and have that be our competitive advantage as we grow and scale.”

Soylent is a meal replacement beverage, available in both liquid and powdered forms. Soylent is designed with the goal of meeting all nutritional requirements for an average adult.

John Coogan is the CTO of Soylent.


  • What is Soylent?
  • Why are Soylent and the culture around it so appealing to engineers?
  • Are you trying to replace food altogether?
  • What is the difference between debugging our bodies and debugging our code?
  • What were the engineering challenges you faced when scaling Soylent?
  • When you released the beta version, how did you differentiate between novelty orders and true demand?
  • If you had the data science infrastructure of your dreams, what are the questions you’d ask, and the answers you’d search for?


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