Simplifying Docker with Sean Li



“Docker has made containers much more accessible to developers, and the timing is actually very good because of the whole DevOps infrastructure as code movement.”

Kitematic is an open source project built to simplify and streamline using Docker on a Mac or Windows machine. It allows users to get up and running on Docker with a single click, and provides a user interface that makes running and managing Docker files easy. Kitematic was acquired by Docker in March 2015.

Sean Li is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Kitematic. He is now working on product design and developer experience at Docker.


  • What was new about Docker that got people, including yourself, so excited?
  • Is Docker a technology that is useful for consumers?
  • Why did you build Kitematic?
  • What type of user did you have in mind when you first designed the Kitematic UI?
  • How do you see the Docker ecosystem evolving?
  • What are the major technical bottlenecks in the Docker ecosystem?
  • How do you use React components in a desktop app?


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