Building a Marketplace for Engineers with Breanden Beneschott



“It’s like trying to give any sort of standardized test to people who are essentially hackers – these things get hacked. People are much more complex than an automated algorithm test.”

Toptal is a platform for hiring the top freelance engineers and designers in the world. Toptal vets its applicants with a thorough and holistic process to ensure that both employers and engineers find the right fit.

Breandan Beneschott is the cofounder and COO of Toptal.


  • Why did you start Toptal?
  • What’s lacking with existing freelance websites like Upwork?
  • How many of the engineers on Toptal have a degree versus being self-taught?
  • What does the whiteboard coding challenge look like?
  • What rates are engineers getting on Toptal?
  • What is your long-term plan?
  • Can you talk about the technology that powers Toptal?


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