JavaScript on Hardware with Kelsey Breseman


“Part of the point of Tessel is that it just works – you don’t have to worry about it. Much in the way that you would throw your app up on Heroku.”

Tessel is an open-source microcontroller that is programmable in JavaScript and compatible with Node.js.

Kelsey Breseman is a hardware engineer and Steering Committee Member on the Tessel Project.


  • What is the origin story of Tessel?
  • Tessel runs JavaScript – why is this an advantage?
  • Is there anything about hardware development that makes it inherently more complex than web development?
  • Why is the event-driven paradigm useful on hardware?
  • How has the Node community and npm been influential in the development and design of Tessel?
  • What are some Tessel modules built by users that have surprised you?
  • What would the world look like if hardware were as easy to prototype as software?


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