TensorFlow with Greg Corrado


“You don’t mind if failures slow things down, but its very important that failures do not stop forward progress.”

TensorFlow is an open source machine learning library intended to bring large-scale, distributed machine learning and deep learning to everyone. Google recently released the framework to the public as a second-generation API, having learned from the successes and failures of DistBelief.

Greg Corrado is a senior research scientist and tech lead at Google, where he focuses on the research areas of machine intelligence, machine perception and natural language processing.


  • From the end-user’s point of view, how does Smart Reply work?
  • How can teams blend research and engineering to make better products?
  • How did the DistBelief project shape Tensor Flow?
  • How does Tensor Flow differ from streaming frameworks that are more generalized like Spark or Storm?
  • Why would I want to do machine learning on my phone?
  • How is Tensor Flow fault tolerant?
  • What are things the open source community should dive into in Tensor Flow, to fix and improve it?



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