Internet of Things and DevOps with Anders Wallgren


“The three legs of the stool are culture, process, and tooling, and I think process and tooling are the easy ones.”

The Internet of Things era is upon us, and with it the related concerns of security, privacy and reliability of the connected systems. This episode explores these issues and how companies can prevent these problems through better development processes and lifecycle management.

Anders Wallgren is the CTO of Electric Cloud, which builds products to help companies optimize their software build, test, and deployment process.


  • How far away are we realistically from IoT becoming truly mainstream?
  • What are the big security vectors that worry you?
  • Should each area of IoT applications have their own domain-specific principles?
  • What are the privacy concerns with in home internet connected devices?
  • What is your definition of agile in the context of IoT software development?
  • How did Honeywell for example change as a technology organization as they started going after connected thermostats?


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