Popcorn Time with Niv Sardi


“We are at this moment where states and corporations are trying to restrict so much of what we can do on the internet because we have centralized the internet.”

Popcorn Time was a free, open-source application that allowed for streaming of movie and television show torrents.

Niv Sardi is an activist and developer based in Argentina, who previously worked on the main fork of Popcorn Time, popcorntime.io. Niv is also the founder of the Butter Project, a spin out project from Popcorn Time.


  • Did the MPAA shut down Popcorn Time?
  • Why did the MPAA allege that Popcorn Time was illegal?
  • What is specific about Torrent that makes it different from other P2P technologies?
  • Why was the decision made to spin Butter out of Popcorn Time?
  • How could Netflix improve by adopting P2P?
  • What are the principles behind your activism?
  • How has working on Popcorn Time affected your worldview?



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