CodeCombat with Nick Winter

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“It’s not obvious why programming is awesome – you can’t build anything at first, everything is really hard at first – what’s the point? And so we decided, lets make a game so that the engagement is there from the first moment.”

CodeCombat is a multiplayer live coding strategy game where the players write code to control their characters.

Nick Winter is the CEO and Co-founder of CodeCombat.


  • Where did you get the idea to build CodeCombat?
  • How is this different from the gamification at other websites like Code cademy?
  • How does multiplayer work?
  • What level of programming skill will someone have when they finish playing through CodeCombat?
  • How do you build and render the animations on the front-end?
  • What games inspired CodeCombat?
  • Why did you open-source all of your code?


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