Free Code Camp with Quincy Larson


“Free Code Camp is my effort to correct the extremely inefficient and circuitous way I learned to code. I’m committing my career and the rest of my life towards making this process as efficient and painless as possible.”

Free Code Camp is an open source community dedicated to teaching people how to code while also helping non-profits

Quincy Larson is the Founder of Free Code Camp, and previously was the director of several schools in the U.S. and China.


  • Why did you start Free Code Camp?
  • How does Free Code Camp compare to the experience of a paid coding bootcamp attendee?
  • Why do you teach fullstack JavaScript instead of ruby on rails?
  • What are the things that people have trouble learning in the all javascript stack?
  • What are the rates of attrition?
  • Do you think everybody should learn to code?


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