Replacing Hadoop with Joe Doliner


“There are a lot more people who have the problem that Hadoop solves than there are people using Hadoop.”

Pachyderm is a containerized data analytics platform that seeks to replace Hadoop.

Joe Doliner is the Co-founder and CEO of Pachyderm. Previously he worked as a software engineer at RethinkDB and AirBnB.


  • Why are Hadoop and Zookeeper tightly coupled?
  • What are the problems with having to specify map reduce jobs as Java classes?
  • How does Pachyderm File System (PFS) compare to Git?
  • Who is using Pachyderm?
  • Is it an overall societal weakness that we feel a need to get picked?
  • If Cloudera came to you tomorrow and offered to acquire you for $12 million, would you do it?


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