Training Software Engineers with David Yang and Nimit Maru



“Javascript is like English – it hitched itself to the most powerful horse in the history of mankind, the web, and it has really exploded since then.”

Fullstack Academy is a 13-week immersive program for students to learn software engineering. Their flagship course focuses primarily on Javascript and the associated frameworks used to build real-world web applications.

David Yang and Nimit Maru are the Co-founders of Fullstack Academy. They were part of the Y Combinator summer 2012 class.


  • How did you get the idea to start Fullstack Academy?
  • Why do you teach Javascript as the foundational language?
  • How does Fullstack Academy differ from other coding bootcamps?
  • When you first applied to Y Combinator, what did your product do?
  • What is your vision for the endgame of Fullstack Academy?


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