Bridging Data Science and Engineering with Greg Lamp

Greg Lamp Picture

Current infrastructure makes it difficult for data scientists to share analytical models with the software engineers who need to integrate them.

Yhat is an enterprise software company tackling the challenge of how data science gets done. Their products enable companies and users to easily deploy data science environments and translate analytical models into production code.

Greg Lamp is the Co-founder and CTO of Yhat and previously worked as a product manager in financial services. Yhat was part of the Y Combinator winter 2015 class.


  • At a software company, what is the typical relationship between data scientists and software engineers?
  • Does Yhat turn data scientists into HTTP endpoints?
  • What was the most counterintuitive advice you received at Y-Combinator?
  • What is the moonshot goal for Yhat?
  • Is it easier to teach data science to an engineer or engineering to a data scientist?


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