QCon: Fundamental Questions

QConferences are international conferences for professional software developers.

“In order to really perform well at my job I need to be a little bit ahead of the curve. What’s the stuff I haven’t seen? I know I’m going to get some of that at QCon.”

-Robert Blumen, director of Software Engineering Radio

The week of September 7 – 13 features speakers from the upcoming QCon San Francisco. The content will cover a variety of topics, including microservices, functional programming, and Microsoft open source.

Throughout these conversations, several questions are on my mind:

  • What are the common threads that disparate speakers are talking about?
  • What trends are changing software most forcefully?
  • What languages, patterns, and management strategies are gaining in popularity?
  • How can a developer optimally take advantage of conference attendance?

Full disclosure: Software Engineering Daily was prepared to do QCon Week regardless of compensation, but InfoQ gave us a ticket out of gratitude.

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