Venture Capital

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Early Stage Venture Capital with Astasia Myers

Astasia is a Partner on Quiet Capital’s enterprise team. Prior to joining Quiet, she was an investor on Redpoint Venture’s early stage enterprise team. Astasia joins the show to talk

Startup Investing with Ashmeet Sidana

Silicon Valley has many investors and Venture Capital firms, but most are not trying to solve hard technical problems. Engineering Capital partners with companies that are taking a

Technical Venture Capital with Tim Tully

Venture capital investment has continued to flow into technology startups.  No one builds technology from scratch.  There are cloud services, software libraries, 3rd party services,

Preface with Farooq Abbasi

In this episode we discuss venture capital and more with Preface Ventures Founder and General Partner Farooq Abbasi. This interview was also recorded as a video podcast. Check out the

Investment Strategy: Defining New Markets with Sarah Guo

We talk to a lot of exciting startups from all over the world about their tech products. Recently we’ve heard from people innovating in the blockchain space, cloud infrastructure,