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Evolutionary Architecture with Neal Ford

http://traffic.libsyn.com/sedaily/architecture_edited.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download When a useful new technology comes out, companies that are in a position to adopt that new technology can gain an edge over competitors. As our industry grows and moves faster, these kinds of changes are coming faster–some recent examples are Docker, ReactJS, and Kubernetes. Evolutionary architecture supports incremental, guided change as a first principle along multiple dimensions. A company with an evolutionary

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Continuous Delivery with David Rice

http://traffic.libsyn.com/sedaily/continuousdelivery_edited.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download In order to move software updates from the development team to production, companies do a variety of things. Some teams might email files to each other or use FTP or even floppy disks. Most companies today at least use version control systems like Git together with separate servers for development and production. When code is ready to move to production, a build that

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Tech Leadership with Jeff Norris

http://traffic.libsyn.com/sedaily/Techleadership_Edited.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download The role of “tech lead” is a combination of a software engineer, a project manager, and an architect. A tech lead might spend 30% of her time coding and 70% managing a project, resolving conflicts, and planning.   In today’s episode, we discuss the structure of software teams, and when it might make sense to have a tech lead on your team, in

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