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CockroachDB with Ben Darnell

“Eventual consistency is really kind of a marketing term from some of these NoSQL systems – it’s not really consistent in any strong sense of the term.” Google has published

Apache Drill with Tomer Shiran

"It’s a great world to be a developer in. If you’re a developer today, you have so many tools and so many options." Continue reading…

SQLite with D. Richard Hipp

“Everybody that sees SQL thinks its ugly and dirty and they want to try and rewrite it to be better. There’s a bazillion attempts to do this - I’ve tried it several times myself.

Streaming SQL with PipelineDB CEO Derek Nelson

PipelineDB is a streaming SQL database. Derek Nelson is the CEO of PipelineDB. Questions What are continuous views? Why is PipelineDB a good fit for the Kafka+Storm+HBase-type

Two Common Questions About SQL

Nikita Shamgunov, CTO of MemSQL via Quora Why are we still writing SQL? There are several reasons: 1. SQL is a standard and standards are very hard to change. Especially when they work