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Elastic Load Balancing with Ranga Rajagopalan

Computational load is the amount of demand that is being placed on a computer system. “Load” can take the form of memory, CPU, network bandwidth, disk space, and other finite

Heroku Autoscaling with Andrew Gwozdziewycz

When an application is using all of its available resources, that application needs to be scaled. Scaling an application means giving it more resources–typically servers.

Email Infrastructure with Chris McFadden

A company like Pinterest has millions of transactional emails to send to people. The scalability challenges of sending high volumes of email mean that it makes more sense for most

Netflix Caching with Scott Mansfield

Caching is a fundamental concept of computer science. When data is accessed frequently, we put that data in a place where it can be accessed more quickly–we put the data in a

Apache Geode with Swapnil Bawaskar

There is a hierarchy of ways to access and store data in a computer system. The cheapest, slowest way to store and retrieve data is disk. On the faster end, we have memory. As we