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Episode Summary: Move Fast with Jeff Meyerson

Decision-making around software projects has always been a contentious issue, should one move in an extremely thoughtful – planning all the way through, OR should teams opt for a

How Facebook Works: Comparing its Engineering Process to Google, Microsoft, and Amazon

This episode was published on the GeekWire podcast. Subscribe to GeekWire for more great content. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees recently that the company’s long-term

Move Fast with Jeff Meyerson

In this episode we discuss the new Move Fast book, as well as many aspects of the current state of software engineering. Daliana Liu interviews Jeff Meyerson, host of Software Daily and

Facebook Reflections with Pete Hunt and Nick Schrock

Facebook engineering is unique. Software is built at Facebook in a way that is distinctly different than any other company. In our series of shows about Facebook engineering, we have