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Engineering Insights with Christina Forney

As Companies scale and their codebase becomes large, it can become difficult to measure team effectiveness. With so many moving pieces, and an increased lack of visibility, Engineering

Video Search with Mokshith Voodarla

Automating video search requires a data pipeline that extracts metadata from videos and allows users to annotate the video with information that correlates with that metadata. The video

Stemma: Understanding Big Data with Mark Grover

Amundsen was started at Lyft and is the leading open-source data catalog with the fastest-growing community and the most integrations. Amundsen enables you to search your entire

ListenNotes: Podcast Search Engine with Wenbin Fang

ListenNotes allows users to find podcasts by categories, popularity, and search queries. ListenNotes is not a podcast client that you download onto your phone, but it allows users to

Vitess: Scaling MySQL with Sugu Sougoumarane

YouTube runs a large MySQL database to hold the metadata about its videos. As YouTube scaled, the database was sharded, and applications within YouTube had to write queries that were