Machine Learning

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Legal Technology with Justin Kan

Imagine that you are a lawyer. Your work involves managing files with dense, technical text. Your co-workers collaborate with you to accomplish a complex goal that can be broken down

Model Training with Yufeng Guo

Machine learning models can be built by plotting points in space and optimizing a function based off of those points. For example, I can plot every person in the United States in a 3

Tinder Engineering Management with Bryan Li

Tinder is a rapidly growing social network for meeting people and dating. In the past few years, Tinder’s userbase has grown rapidly, and the engineering team has scaled to meet the

Sports Deep Learning with Yu-Han Chang and Jeff Su

A basketball game gives off endless amounts of data. Cameras from all angles capture the players making their way around the court, dribbling, passing, and shooting. With computer

Deep Learning Systems with Milena Marinova

The applications that demand deep learning range from self-driving cars to healthcare, but the way that models are developed and trained is similar. A model is trained in the cloud and