Machine Learning

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Federated Learning with Mike Lee Williams

Federated learning is machine learning without a centralized data source. Federated Learning enables mobile phones or edge servers to collaboratively learn a shared prediction model

Pachyderm Engineering with Joe Doliner

Pachyderm is a system for data version control. Code has been version controlled for many years, but not data. In previous episodes with Joe Doliner, we explored the evolution of

Stripe Machine Learning Infrastructure with Rob Story and Kelley Rivoire (Summer Break Repeat)

Originally published June 13, 2019. We are taking a few weeks off. We’ll be back soon with new episodes. Machine learning allows software to improve as that software consumes more

Advanced Redis with Alvin Richards

Redis is an in-memory object storage system that is commonly used as a cache for web applications. This core primitive of in-memory object storage has created a larger ecosystem

Descript with Andrew Mason

Descript is a software product for editing podcasts and video. Descript is a deceptively powerful tool, and its software architecture includes novel usage of transcription APIs,