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Kubernetes Spend with Webb Brown

This episode is hosted by Lee Atchison. Lee Atchison is a software architect, author, and thought leader on cloud computing and application modernization. His most recent book,

Kubernetes Security Compliance with Jimmy Mesta

The Kubernetes ecosystem has drastically changed how development teams ship software. While Kubernetes has provided many advancements in cloud infrastructure, it has also left

Nodeless Kubernetes with Madhuri Yechuri

Managing Kubernetes nodes leads to operational complexity, security issues, and nodes that are perhaps more expensive to run than necessary. Deferring the node management to an

Scaling PlanetScale with Sugu Sougoumarane

Database product companies typically have a few phases. First, the company will develop a technology with some kind of innovation such as speed, scalability, or durability. The company

Simplifying Access to Kubernetes

Kubernetes is here to stay. The benefits the container-orchestration systems provide to cloud-native applications are incalculable. It has become the de facto standard for automating