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Healthcare AI with Cosima Gretton

Automation will make healthcare more efficient and less prone to error. Today, machine learning is already being used to diagnose diabetic retinopathy and improve radiology accuracy.

Health Wearables with Haiyan Zhang

Wearables are everywhere. In the medical field they are transforming lives. Haiyan Zhang, Innovation Director at Microsoft Research, created a wearable for a young graphic designer that

Universal Healthcare with Thomas Bukowski

Everyone in the world should have some basic level of guaranteed healthcare. This is not controversial. But what should that basic level of healthcare be? Should it extend into the later

Healthcare Engineering with Isaac Councill

Healthcare is a complex business. Oscar is a company that wanted to build a new insurance provider–but realized that healthcare is so interconnected that in order to build a new

Medical Machine Learning with Razik Yousfi and Leo Grady

Medical imaging is used to understand what is going on inside the human body and prescribe treatment. With new image processing and machine learning techniques, the traditional medical