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Hadoop: Past, Present and Future with Mike Cafarella

“HDFS is going to be a cockroach – I don’t think its ever going away.” Hadoop was created in 2003. In the early years, Hadoop provided large scale data processing with MapReduce,

Data Engineering at Airbnb with Maxime Beauchemin

“One big transformation we’re seeing right now is the slow agonizing death of MapReduce.” When a company gets big enough, there is so much data to be processed that an entire data

Spark in Practice with Holden Karau

“I found Spark and I was really excited because I’m a functional programming nerd, and it was written in Scala.” Continue reading…

Apache Drill with Tomer Shiran

"It’s a great world to be a developer in. If you’re a developer today, you have so many tools and so many options." Continue reading…

Demystifying Stream Processing with Neha Narkhede

“Systems are giving up correctness for latency, and I’m arguing that stream processing systems have to be designed to allow the user to pick the tradeoffs that the application
demystifying stream processing with kafka