gig economy

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The Future of Gig Work with Adam Jackson

The gig economy involves independent contractors engaging in flexible jobs. Today gig workers often get work from centralized platforms that facilitate the process of connecting workers

Economics of Software with Russ Roberts Holiday Repeat

Originally published July 14, 2016 EconTalk is a weekly economics podcast that has been going for a decade. On EconTalk, Russ Roberts brings on writers, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs

Thumbtack Infrastructure with Nate Kupp

Thumbtack is a marketplace for real-world services. On Thumbtack, people get their house painted, their dog walked, and their furniture assembled. With 40,000 daily marketplace

Marketplace Matching with Xing Chen

The labor market is moving online. Taxi drivers are joining Uber and Lyft. Digital freelancers are selling their services through Fiverr. Experienced software contractors are leaving

Fiverr Engineering with Gil Sheinfeld

As the gig economy grows, that growth necessitates innovations in the online infrastructure powering these new labor markets. In our previous episodes about Uber, we explored the systems