Functional Programming

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Language Design with Brian Kernighan Holiday Repeat

Originally published January 6, 2016 “The best computer science is the kind where the theory is inspired by some practical problem, you develop a better theoretical understanding of

Knowledge-Based Programming with Stephen Wolfram Holiday Repeat

Originally published November 10, 2015 “The cloud as an environment – I had thought it was a purely utilitarian kind of thing. What I realized is that it’s a fascinating

Haskell in Production with Carl Baatz

The Haskell programming language is often thought of as an academic tool, useful for teaching students about monads and functors, but not much else. But there are advantages to using

Elixir and Erlang with Jose Valim

“Functional programming is about making the complex parts of your system explicit.” Elixir is a programming language built on top of the Erlang virtual machine. Elixir allows

Browser Wars with Eric Sink

“Its not just that we didn’t have git, we didn’t have Subversion, and before that we didn’t have CVS. Basically all that we had was RCS.” Internet Explorer, Google Chrome,