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React at Facebook with Ben Alpert

React is the product of Facebook and a large open-source community. Facebook engineering has recently produced a powerful suite of loosely coupled tools for development: React, GraphQL, Relay, React Native, and Flux Architecture.

Ben Alpert is an engineer on the React Core team at Facebook.

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React: Fundamental Questions

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React is the most well-known library of a growing suite of open-source software developed by Facebook. GraphQL, Relay, Flux, and React Native are other libraries that imply a big future for developers on the Facebook platform. Facebook will soon be a developer substrate on par with Apple and Google, perhaps even bigger. React presents several clear paths to this future. If you

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Meteor vs. Ruby On Rails

Originally posted on Quora by Yad Faeq: In their core, both of them have brought a group of packages Rails from Ruby gems, Meteor from npm packages and packed them together to serve a a modern Web Framework. Ruby On Rails is a web framework that is widely known for asserting the MVC architecture, which sometimes Meteor can be referred to as well for being a Framework asserting a neat

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5 Reasons Why JavaScript is a Big Deal in 2015

JavaScript is becoming the lingua franca of programming languages. As Yad Faeq mentions in our podcast episode, there are numerous reasons this is happening. Compile-time support: CoffeeScript and TypeScript both allow catching of errors at compile-time, which is useful in a dynamic language like JavaScript. Server-side compatibility: this has been around for awhile but Node.js raises the bar on JavaScript compile time by going straight to machine code via V8, with no bytecode

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