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Episode Summary: Synthetix: The Derivative Liquidity Protocol

Infamous for their role in the 2008 financial crisis, synthetic assets are a wrongfully maligned financial instrument that actually provide real world value. Simply put a synthetic asset

Dark Forest: Transparency on Blockchains with Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Brian Gu

Complete information games are games where every player has information about the game sequence, strategies, and payoffs throughout gameplay. Playing chess, for example, relies on

Episode Summary for Uniswap: Creating Liquidity in DeFi with Noah Zinsmeister

Traditional financial institutions are siloed and often put up barriers, both regulatory and artificial, that prevent interoperability and introduce market efficiency. DeFi on Ethereum

Polygon: Connecting Ethereum Compatible Blockchain Networks with Denis Ermolin

Platforms like Ethereum have billions of dollars of market cap and large developer communities. However, it is still a challenge to build widely adopted DApps on it because of current

Ethereum 2.0 | What’s the big deal?

Blockchain at a high level In order to provide context, it is important to recognize some basic characteristics of a blockchain. Before we talk about Ethereum, we need to step back and