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Software and Entrepreneurship with Seth Godin Holiday Repeat

Originally published November 18, 2015 “The playing field has never ever been more leveled – that means everything you don’t build is your choice not to build it.” Seth Godin is

Early Investments with Semil Shah

An engineer who wants to start a business using investment capital needs to understand the expectations of investors. The market for the business needs to be huge. The team needs to have

Zencastr with Josh Nielsen

There are certain experiences when a product solves a problem so thoroughly and elegantly that it lifts a weight off of your shoulders that you didn’t even know was there. Dropbox did

Topic Roundtable with Courtland Allen and Caleb Meredith

Software Engineering Daily examines the world through the lens of software engineering. In most episodes, an expert in a particular topic joins the show as a guest, and we go into deep

Equity Compensation with Joshua Levy and Joe Wallin

When an engineer is offered a job a tech company, their compensation is often partly in cash and partly in equity–shares of the company. How should an engineer evaluate that offer?