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Firebase with Doug Stevenson

Firebase is a backend-as-a-service. The key efficiency of a backend-as-a-service is that it enables developers to go from having a 3-tier architecture (client, server, database) to a

Elasticsearch with Philipp Krenn

Search is a common building block for applications. Whether we are searching Wikipedia or our log files, the behavior is similar: a query is entered and the most relevant documents are

RealmDB with Brian Munkholm

Expectations for mobile apps have gone up steadily since the iPhone was released. But the choice of databases built for mobile apps has remained limited mostly to SQLite. RealmDB was

Database as a Service with Eliot Horowitz

Eight years ago, MongoDB was an internal project at 10gen, a company that was trying to build a platform-as-a-service out of open-source components. The team at 10gen realized that the

Database Choices and Uber with Markus Winand

When Uber’s engineering team published a blog post about moving to MySQL from Postgres, Markus Winand started receiving lots of email. Markus writes about databases on his blog “Use