Data Science

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Go Data Science with Daniel Whitenack

Data science is typically done by engineers writing code in Python, R, or another scripting language. Lots of engineers know these languages, and their ecosystems have great library

Winning With Data with Tomasz Tunguz

Large technology companies have no shortage of data. But raw data itself does not provide a competitive advantage. Many companies are bottlenecked by a shortage of data scientists who

Simpsons Data Science with Todd Schneider

The Simpsons is a classic, beloved television show. The scripts of The Simpsons have been made publicly available, and include dialogue, location, and character information. Todd

PANCAKE STACK Data Engineering with Chris Fregly

Data engineering is the software engineering that enables data scientists to work effectively. In today‚Äôs episode, we explore the different sides of data engineering–the data

Data Validation with Dan Morris

Data Validation is the process of ensuring that data is accurate. In many software domains, an application is pulling in large quantities of data from external sources. That data will