Data Engineering

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Dashboarding and Query Latency with Tom O’Neill

A dashboard is a data visualization that aggregates metrics in a way that we can quickly understand. In a modern software company, everyone uses dashboards–from salespeople to

Tinder Growth Engineering with Alex Ross

Tinder is a popular dating app where each user swipes through a sequence of other users in order to find a match. Swiping left means you are not interested. Swiping right means you would

Spotify Event Delivery with Igor Maravic

Spotify is a streaming music company with more than 50 million users. Whenever a user listens to a song, Spotify records that event and uses it as input to learn more about the user’s

Data Intensive Applications with Martin Kleppmann

A new programmer learns to build applications using data structures like a queue, a cache, or a database. Modern cloud applications are built using more sophisticated tools like Redis,

Data Warehousing with Mark Rittman

In the mid 90s, data warehousing might have meant “using an Oracle database.” Today, it means a wide variety of things. You could be stitching together a big data pipeline using