Data Engineering

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Building a Data Lake with Adam Ferrari

Starburst is a data lake analytics platform. It’s designed to help users work with structured data at scale, and is built on the open source platform, Trino. Adam Ferrari is the

Move Fast with Jeff Meyerson

In this episode we discuss the new Move Fast book, as well as many aspects of the current state of software engineering. Daliana Liu interviews Jeff Meyerson, host of Software Daily and

Data Warehouse ETL with Matthew Scullion

A data warehouse provides low latency access to large volumes of data.  A data warehouse is a crucial piece of infrastructure for a large company, because it can be used to answer

The Data Exchange with Ben Lorica

Data infrastructure has been transformed over the last fifteen years.  The open source Hadoop project led to the creation of multiple companies based around commercializing the

LinkedIn Data Engineering with Kapil Surlaker

A large social network needs to develop systems for ingesting, storing, and processing large volumes of data. Data engineering at scale requires multiple engineering teams that are