Computer Vision

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Drishti: Deep Learning for Manufacturing with Krish Chaudhury (Repeat)

Originally published April 17, 2019 Drishti is a company focused on improving manufacturing workflows using computer vision. A manufacturing environment consists of assembly lines. A

Elementary Robotics with Arye Barnehama

Factories require quality assurance work. That QA work can be accomplished by a robot with a camera together with computer vision. This allows for sophisticated inspection techniques

Anduril Engineering with Gokul Subramanian

Anduril is a technology defense company with a focus on drones, computer vision, and other problems related to national security. It is a full-stack company that builds its own hardware

Drishti: Deep Learning for Manufacturing with Krish Chaudhury

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Computer Vision with Peter Kontschieder

Mapillary is a company that processes high volumes of images to develop a labeled 3-D model of the physical world. Mapillary’s APIs allow developers to build applications that are