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Coinbase Security with Philip Martin

At Coinbase, security is more important than anything else. Coinbase is a company that allows for storage and exchange of cryptocurrencies. Protecting banking infrastructure is

Coinbase Antifraud with Soups Ranjan

Coinbase is a platform for buying and selling digital currency: bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. Every payments company deals with fraud, but a cryptocurrency company has a harder job

Coinbase Currencies with Linda Xie and Jordan Clifford

Cryptocurrencies have seen a surge of value recently. People are starting to see that bitcoin, ethereum, and other currencies are not just for speculation. At worst, they are a store of

Fighting Fraud at Coinbase with Soups Ranjan

A cryptocurrency exchange faces a uniquely difficult fraud problem. A hacker who steals my credentials can initiate a transfer of all my bitcoin to another wallet, and it is a