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CockroachDB: Distributed Databases and Containerization with Spencer Kimball

In 2003, Google developed a robust cluster management system called Borg. This enabled them to manage clusters with tens of thousands of machines, moving them away from virtual machines

Kubernetes Gotchas: Lessons Learned

Running databases within container clusters seems, at first glance, to be more effort than it’s worth. Why use a system designed for stateless highly available microservices to

The Importance of Where: Using Spatial Data with Your Database Applications

Spatial data is often synonymous with maps. Data regarding specific real world locations was only being used in map-type applications. However in the modern day and age, spatial data is

What Makes a Database a Good Fit to Run in Kubernetes?

As more organizations shift operations to the cloud, the benefits of cloud-native software and infrastructure continue to accrue. One critical task in managing a cloud-based

CockroachDB with Peter Mattis

A relational database often holds critical operational data for a company, including user names and financial information. Since this data is so important, a relational database must be