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Flightcontrol and Going Beyond Heroku with Brandon Bayer

A platform as a service, or PaaS, is the concept of a complete development and deployment environment in the cloud. One of the best examples is Heroku, which was created in 2007 and

Minimum Viable Security for Cloud Apps with David Melamed

Cloud applications continue to grow in popularity, but ensuring the security of these applications often presents a formidable engineering challenge. This challenge motivated the

Building a Full Cloud Backend with James Cowling

Serverless backend platforms are cloud services that simplify the process of building a backend. These platforms are growing rapidly in popularity because they can greatly accelerate

Solving Usage-Based Pricing with Puneet Gupta

Usage-Based Pricing is becoming more and more popular. Led by the wild popularity of cloud service providers such as AWS, customers are demanding more visibility into usage information

Modern Robotics Platform with Eliot Horowitz

Programming robotics software has traditionally been a specialized field. The software industry has seen rapid progress, the operating system that provides the foundation for our