Cloud Computing

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Cloud Costs with Ran Rothschild

Cloud computing changed the economics of running a software company. Before the cloud, a software company had to purchase physical machines which often required thousands of dollars paid

Cloud Deep Dive: Part 2 — Serverless Stock Service

Pakhnyushchy/Shutterstock This post was originally written by Pieter Raubenheimer on Medium. Reposted with permission. In Part 1, we started building out the Cloud Pizza Place — a

Serverless Backend using AWS Lambda: Hands-on Guide

This article was originally written by Rajat S on Medium. Reposted with permission from Bits and Pieces. Serverless architecture refers to the concept where you give your backend logic

Cloud and Edge with Steve Herrod

Steve Herrod led engineering at VMWare as the company scaled from 30 engineers to 3,000 engineers. After 11 years, he left to become a managing director for General Catalyst, a venture

Cloud R&D with Onsi Fakhouri

In the first 10 years of cloud computing, a set of technologies emerge that every software enterprise needs; continuous delivery, version control, logging, monitoring, routing, data