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Cassandra Data Modeling with Jon Haddad

Data modeling is the process of creating relationships and rules about objects, so that we can decide how to store them in a database. Data modeling defines how we store and query our

FiloDB with Evan Chan

“The world is becoming more and more interactive, and people want answers right away, so you’re seeing the rise of stream processing and real-time.” Big data is

Cassandra with Tim Berglund

“There isn’t any central node in Cassandra. Every node is a peer, there is no master – there is no single point of failure.” Apache Cassandra can serve as both the real-time

Architecting Distributed Databases with Fangjin Yang

“The more you’re comfortable with this idea that everything is going to fail, the more you realize that it's a natural process of distributed systems, and it helps you write and

Transactions and Analytics with VoltDB’s Ryan Betts

Streaming pipelines and in-memory analytics are difficult to support with old database systems. VoltDB provides streaming analytics with transactions.     Questions How does