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Azul with John Ceccarelli

The Java Virtual Machine is an abstract machine that makes it possible for you to write Java code once and run it across multiple devices and operating system types. While you can use

Facebook Open Source with Tom Occhino (Summer Break Repeat)

Originally published April 14, 2017. We are taking a few weeks off. We’ll be back soon with new episodes. Facebook’s open source projects include React, GraphQL, and Cassandra.

Cassandra Business with Jonathan Ellis

Cassandra was initially released in 2008 as a project out of Facebook. Cassandra offered an open source solution to database scalability issues that were being tackled internally by

Cassandra Data Modeling with Jon Haddad

Data modeling is the process of creating relationships and rules about objects, so that we can decide how to store them in a database. Data modeling defines how we store and query our

FiloDB with Evan Chan

“The world is becoming more and more interactive, and people want answers right away, so you’re seeing the rise of stream processing and real-time.” Big data is