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Salary Negotiation with Haseeb Qureshi Holiday Repeat

Featured Image Photo Credits Originally posted on July 11, 2016. Negotiation is an important skill for software engineers. The salary you negotiate at the beginning of your job could be

Can’t get engineering interviews? Try the side door.

If you’re applying for new engineering jobs and are struggling to get your foot in the door, consider looking for other ways in. Imagine a big crowd of people in front of a

Software Consulting with Rachel Laycock

Software consultancies solve problems involving management and software engineering. A large company might hire a software consulting company to give an external opinion on software

Open Source Contribution with Shubheksha Jalan

Open source software is publicly available code that is worked on in the open by large crowds of developers. Almost all new software today uses some open source software in its code. But

Developer On Fire with Dave Rael

Software developers succeed by combining technical ability, communication skills, and well-reasoned philosophies to craft information systems. Where this podcast focuses on the