Big Data

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Scaling Time Series Data Storage — Part II

This article was originally written by Dhruv Garg, Dhaval Patel, Ketan Duvedi on Medium. Reposted with permission. In January 2016 Netflix expanded worldwide, opening service to

Converged Data Platform: Unifying Streaming Data using MapR

Stream processing and distributed database management are concerns that most enterprises dealing with data analytics and real-time data processing have. Most enterprises today use data

Computer Vision with Peter Kontschieder

Mapillary is a company that processes high volumes of images to develop a labeled 3-D model of the physical world. Mapillary’s APIs allow developers to build applications that are

Building a Big Data Pipeline With Airflow, Spark and Zeppelin

Featured Image: “black tunnel interior with white lights” by Jared Arango on Unsplash This Article was originally written by Mahdi Karabiben on Medium. Reposted with permission.

DataOps and the Data Platform

They say that data, if tortured enough, will confess to anything. Maybe this is the explanation behind how and why data became a buzzword by the end of the 90s when hard drive production