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Shaping Chick-fil-A One Traffic in a Multi-Region Active-Active Architecture

This post was originally written by  Christopher Lane, Jamey Hammock, & Brian Chambers on Medium. Reposted with permission. In this post, we will share about the architecture

Cloud Deep Dive: Part 2 — Serverless Stock Service

Pakhnyushchy/Shutterstock This post was originally written by Pieter Raubenheimer on Medium. Reposted with permission. In Part 1, we started building out the Cloud Pizza Place — a

AWS Containers with Deepak Singh

Deepak Singh is the director of compute services at AWS, where he works on cloud products relating to containers, Linux, and High Performance Computing. In today’s show, Deepak

AWS Lambda Cold Starts Explained

Originally posted on @theburningmonk When I discuss AWS Lambda cold starts with folks in the context of API Gateway, I often get responses along the line of: Meh,

Serverless Code with Ryan Scott Brown

The unit of computation has evolved from on premise servers to virtual machines in the cloud to containers running in those virtual machines. Serverless computation is another stage in